Hire a Los Angeles Moving Company to Ship Your Belongings to San Francisco

san-franciscoMoving might sound like a miserable process and you would be right to think that. However, moving companies in Los Angeles can ship your belongings to San Francisco safe and fast. Moving companies are designed to take the bulk of the burden off of your shoulders and into the hands of trained professionals.

Moving will still require a lot of patience and planning on your end. That is why it is important to start preparing for a move at least two months in advance. It will take about twelve hours to complete a move from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Store Dangerous Items in a Safe Place

When it comes to moving ammunition, aerosol cans, fireworks and gasoline these things must be transported by some other personal means. Make sure to keep sharp objects and chemicals out of reach of children. Make sure knives are wrapped in several sheets of packing paper and bubble wrap and packed snugly.

Tips for Moving Long Distances

  • Pack an overnight bag – In your overnight bag you should include hygiene supplies, a spare change of clothes and a phone charger.
  • Take frequent breaks – Driving long distances can do a number on your back. Make sure to stretch every time you stop for a break.
  • Insure your belongings properly – The basic coverage will more than likely not cover the full value of your items. Consider purchasing full-coverage in order to have peace of mind.
  • Keep items you will need upon arrival with you – Make sure you keep special documents in a safe location in your own personal vehicle. Items such as your wallet, birth certificate and social security card should be within arms’ reach at all times.
  • Label all of Your Items – In many cases items get damaged or destroyed due to bad labeling. Label the side of the box rather than the top and stack fragile items in a separate location from heavy items.
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